Ally Rose

A Love Affair in Boston

by Ally Rose

Chapter 1

Come In From The Cold

Independent Boston Provider

On my nightstand lies a pile of weathered books. Their pages are worn from time; dog-eared, the faint outline of pencil markings scribbled in the margins. Amongst them, are classics such as Anna Karenina and War and Peace, both by Tolstoy, and Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. 

These books – tales of classical romance, of beautiful tragedies that defy our understandings of love, sacrifice and passion – are my talismans. These books rest on my nightstand, waiting patiently for me to return to them again and again. Within their pages, I get lost.

Have you too ever wanted to get lost, simply to be found again?

Have you ever wanted to run out into the snow, to feel your skin grow taut in shock, simply to feel the swell of warmth as you return inside?

I have always been defenseless against the beauty of this world. I have always yearned to be swept up by intrigue, by joy, by the extraordinary that we can find in the everyday.

I revel in contrasts.

The warmth of an open fire with the cold of a snowstorm outside. The everyday rhythm of our lives set against the burning passion of fleeting romance. Feverish love affairs with restful solitude. The bitter sharpness of a Negroni paired with the sweetness of the first bite of a homemade pastry. The sunshine after the rain. The masculine dancing with the feminine.

A love affair in Boston.

If you’re seeking an elegant curvy companion with a fervent desire for intimacy, you’ve found yourself on the right page. I adore being a part-time lover, girlfriend for hire, but always a full-time dreamer.

With my voluptuous figure, classic European features, and startling blue eyes, you could describe me as blissfully enchanting. A college-educated confidante, I want to put you at the center of my attention.

I can be the missing piece of your every day. I can provide that sense of intimacy, devotion and compassionate care that’s been missing from your life.

An old soul, what I crave more than anything is the merging of two strangers. As an independent upscale provider, who offers GFE dates in Boston and NYC, the trysts I enjoy the most are the ones that begin with long conversation, a shared glance, the heady rush of romance about to unfold. I want to surrender to a lover who seeks the same.

Will you trace the lines of my curves, hidden under elegant silk and furs, that are yearning to be awakened by your touch?


On the bookshelf: Tolstoy, Pushkin, Dostoevsky

Character: authentic, real, warm

Scent: Chloé

Drink: White Russian

Sign: Scorpio 


Let our story unfold

Who is Ally Rose ?

I’m an artist in the erotic arts and a medicine woman… lol, just kidding.

Quite frankly, I’m just me. Ally. I’m a natural empath and introvert; I’m quietly confident and value an intimate one-on-one setting where I’m more at ease, and we can get to know each other.

I’m a good listener. I’m intelligent. Tell me a bad but cute joke. Make me laugh. My favorite dates have been over a glass of wine and a simple meal. Read me a poem. Or let’s go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the Spring. It’s divine!


I love the moments leading up to our date: getting dressed and splashing on perfume. I love wearing sexy lingerie underneath a black dress. Or casual business attire as we make our way to lunch downtown. 

And then the moments we share when we finally meet; are filled with searching, longing, and mounting anticipation. (Hehe… I knew I could work the word “mounting” somewhere in here!)

I adore my life as a companion. It resonates deeply within my being and brings me joy. The joy that I hope we’ll find together. Intimacy is the utmost expression of being human.

I invite you to contact me with an open mind and an open heart. Take my hand, and let’s dive into this beautiful world together.

XO - Ally

At a glance

Age: Early 30s

Height: 5’3”

Ethnicity: Russian American

Body: Curvy, B cup, all-natural, and yes, I have a fantastic butt 😉

Look: I wear minimal makeup and love fashion with comfort. Always dressed appropriately for the setting.

A few of my favorite things...

Food: I love Boston seafood. Ask me about my favorite spots in the city. I can’t get enough of sashimi and noodle bowls. A good burger is also my fav!

Wine: I love Chianti and Pinot Noir, as well as Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc. If you’re knowledgeable about wines, I’d love to learn more about them!

Art: I love expression through art. Boston has some beautiful museums. The Isabella Stewart Gardener museum and the deCordova are my top choices!

Gifts: I love nothing more than pampering myself with aromatherapy and a trip to the day spa. Bella Santé on the famous Newbury Street is my go-to oasis.